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20140717_121109Who is Dale McKenzie you ask?

Dale is married with 8 kids.

Yes you read it right folks } He has 8 kids

A beautifully blended family with

5 Boys and 3 Girls

Not to mention Dales grand kids

…. lol

All 10 of them

The sun rises and sets on his  Grand kids.

Those lucky kids > Clown , Santa , Balloons

Dale was  a born a clown and spent much of his school years in the hallway.

For you guessed it  } being the class clown.


The principle would come walking by (shake his head) and change the venue to his office. Needless to say the school secretary got to know Dales routine well.

In Dales 20 plus years of clowning he has enjoyed bringing laughter and joy to thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. He is loved by all who have had the pleasure to meet him. He offers to the world his unconditional love that he  shares with everyone he meets. Giving that warm friendly smile and that warm gentle hug to those who need it.

Dale is currently a member of  Clowns of America International and holds the office of  Regional Vice President to Canada on the Board.

Dale has lectured on the art of clowning at both regional and international levels. PLAYING LIKE A CLOWN

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He is a 4 time and current president of Lets Clown Around Alley

clown alley bottom

Member in good standing of the Association Of Accredited Clowns


Member In good standing in World Clowns

and Clowns Canada